About Us


Founded by Pablo Aguilo and his brothers a few years ago, Beagle International is the result of the merger of Travel with Pointer Tourism Agency, and Bird Dog Travel in the U.S. Beagle International has a portfolio of luxury boutique camps and lodges in the finest locations world wide. We also offer all types of tours, travel arrangements, hotel bookings, and flights.

Among the different departments at Beagle international, we have a specialized department named Beagle Experience, that offers all our guests the best luxury lodges around the world for the finest experience.

The Beagle International team is passionate about adventure, the spectacular unspoilt wilderness areas of their home country, and protecting it for future generations. We also set up a non profit called MAKING CHANGES NOW for conservationists and a non profit to help local communities called SOARING ARGENTINA. It is from this pioneering spirit and love for outdoors in the wildest corners that Beagle International was born.

The energy and passion of our dynamic team flows through everything that we do. Our authentic, first hand knowledge spans the entire region helping us to create unique, cutting-edge experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our guests the type of travel experience they wish in the most luxurious lodges, accommodations, activities and city tours.


After years of working hard with Pointer Outfitters and entertaining guests around the world through hunting and fishing, Pablo Aguilo realized in early 2010 that there was another world in the travel industry to be offered to his guests. Step by step he started a deep research about the best destinations to take his family and he ended up organizing a new tourism company to travel to some of the most exclusive lodges and camps in the world.

Beagle International is the solution of offering our guests multiple options, from Beagle Tours (Travel agency) to Beagle Flight, to Beagle Experience (The finest lodges in the world) to Beagle Packages and Beagle Membership.

Today all guests from Beagle International and Pointer Outfitters can make combinations of multiple trips around the world and get special benefits on our own lodges. We discovered that we wanted all our guests to come visit us more often, and to continue building memories for future generations. Our slogan is “You should be the next one.”

Enjoy your journey! We will handle the details. The world is available every day for great adventures, we just need to be confident in choosing our destination.


Pablo Aguiló
CEO and Founder Beagle international
Stacey King
Juan Aguiló
Director of Marketing
Ignacio Aguiló
Strategic Partnerships
Ross & Dana Reamy
Travel Specialist
Geoff Emery
Travel Specialist
Benjamin Gerloff
Travel Specialist
Rell Tipton
Board of Directors
Victoria Fallotico
Sales Manager & Trip Planner
Josefina Friza
Concierge Service & Trip Planner
Magui Benedetto
Concierge Service & Trip Planner

Wayne Graham

Wayne Graham

Pointer Outfitters
Senior U.S. Representative Emeritus

Wayne Graham served as a worship pastor for over 35 years in 4 Texas churches. It was through mission trips to Buenos Aires beginning in 2007, that Wayne first developed a deep love for Argentina and its gracious people. Over the last several years, Wayne and his wife, Laura, traveled to Argentina many times. The primary focus of these trips was to share great generosity and kindness to the children and families of Northern Cordoba, Argentina. Wayne was passionate about hunting, and even more passionate about sharing the love of God through serving alongside others and teaching life lessons while working together. He personified goodness and kindness to all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Wayne had a larger than life personality, who served selflessly and generously, and never tired of sharing about his love for God.