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Best 3 Volcanoes to Climb in Southern Chile

Best 3 Volcanoes to Climb in Southern Chile

There is too much here to climb in a single lifetime, so we’ve highlighted some of the top spots as well as some useful information to help you decide what to prioritize!

September 16, 2022

1| Villarrica

Known as one of Chile’s most active volcanoes, Villarrica is also a premier climbing destination for beginner mountaineers. It is known as the most climbed massif in the Americas, with roughly 14.000 people reaching its summit each year.

2| Lanin

Located right nearby Villarrica, within the same Mocha-Villarrica Fault Zone chain of stratovolcanoes, Lanin is one of the most iconic volcanoes in Northern Patagonia.

With its conical summit blanketed in a glacier, the 3.776 meter tall peak is easily recognizable from a distance. Sitting on the border with Argentina, there are routes that take you to the summit from both sides of the border.

The peak generally takes about two days to summit, but some guides also offer four-day trips that include a bit of mountaineer training prior to climbing the peak.

Of the two routes to head up, there is the normal one and the southern one. The normal route takes you up the northern flank of the volcano and only requires the use of crampons and an ice axe when approaching the summit. Otherwise this route mostly involves hiking.

The southern route, which actually starts in Argentina, is much tougher and requires more advanced mountaineering skills. In order to summit the volcano from this side, you will head over the glacier and be required to rock climb and ice climb at various points.

3| Llaima

Situated farth both of of the most active as well as one of the largest in all of Chile. It last erupted in 2008 and experts believe will eruer north in the Araucania Region, the snowy cone of Llaima towers 3.125 meters above sea level.

The volcano ispt twice more in the next two decades.  

For mountaineers, however, the peak is seen as an ideal destination. It is the tallest mountain in the area and offers spectacular views of the forests and valleys around it. Renowned for its natural beauty it is often seen as a more picturesque and less crowded alternative to Villarrica.



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